Who We Are

Alexandra Hutchison  +  Marianne Mordhorst, Co-founders

The idea for Marlowe RoomxRoom came from our passion for the experience of home. We believe it is invaluable that the environment in which we live not only reflect, but also reinforce, the best versions of ourselves.

We created an interior design platform to help enrich our client's homes regardless of where they live in the world, and it is our mission to craft a home unique to each client, one that evolves and grows with them.

We consider ourselves to be both designers and curators, taking a sustainable approach to our projects by including local, hand-made, artisanal, and artistic pieces.

Marlowe RoomxRoom was built on our shared desire to bring exceptional design, professional expertise, and personalized service to our interior design clients.


Alexandra Hutchison/  Studio Director + Co-founder, Toronto

Alexandra's background includes a lengthy career in design television, creating camera-worthy homes for HGTV as well as appearances on several Canadian talk shows. Along with her husband, Chef Craig Harding, she is the owner and Creative Director/Designer of some of Toronto's best restaurants, including LaPalma, Casa LaPalma, Campagnolo and Constantine.

In 2015, Alexandra made the transition to NYC to complete her masters of interior design and to work on large-scale commercial projects including hotels, institutions and luxury residential developments. In 2019, she returned to Toronto to launch Studio Marlowe, a full-service hospitality design practice.

Alexandra's design philosophy is balanced between her connection to nature and her love for joyful urban living. She believes that luxury and sustainability can and must co-exist in the 21st century and these ideas are evident in her work.

Alexandra splits her time between Toronto and Muskoka, Canada.


Marianne Mordhorst/ Studio Director + Co-founder, New York

After earning a master’s degree in Interior Design from Pratt Institute, Marianne worked as a designer for the globally recognized Meyer Davis Studio where she specialized in hospitality projects as well as for Holzman Moss Bottino Architecture where she focused on cultural and civic interiors.  Prior to her career as an interior designer, Marianne graduated from Providence College with a degree in Finance and worked as a financial analyst at private equity and boutique investment banks throughout NYC.

Originally from Connecticut, Marianne always had great enthusiasm for interiors and appreciation of how the power of a space can be transformative. Heavily influenced by travel and old world craftmanship starting from a young age, Marianne’s distinct approach combines the historical with modern day to create timeless, unique, and compelling spaces to meet each specific client’s needs.