Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Do you only offer online design services?

Through our affiliate company Studio Marlowe we offer hospitality design as well as full-service residential design for clients located in NYC, Hudson Valley NY, Fairfield County CT, and Toronto.  If you are located outside of these regions, we do have some full service options available.

If you have a project you would like to discuss with us or any questions please contact us at: studio@marloweroomxroom.com


2. How long will it take to design my RoomxRoom project?

Once you have met your designer via video chat, and have uploaded your photos, measurements and inspiration, the design team will start!  The design process takes 2-3 weeks to complete and we will present your final design via Zoom and email it to you following the meeting.

Watch our video here for a helpful walk through of the Marlowe RoomxRoom experience.


3. Is it difficult to measure and draw a room plan?

Not all all!

Watch our video for a helpful walk-through of the process.

Or follow these simple steps:

1 - Draw the room shape on a piece of paper.

2- Use ticks to locate openings in the walls, like doors, windows or transitions to the adjacent room.

3- Note each of those openings in text with either 'entry door' or 'window or 'closet door,' so that your designer knows which items are which.

4- Begin by taking 2 overall dimensions of the room, the length and width of the room.

5- Once you have the overall room size, begin in one corner of the room and work your way around, making sure to measure from a corner to the inside edge of a window and then across the window, etc., all the way around the room until you are done. You may add details about window sill heights, measured from the floor, as well as window, door and ceiling heights.

Don't worry, your drawing does not need to be perfect! 



4. What is the best way to photograph my room for my designer?

Watch our video for a helpful walk-through of the process.


Or follow these steps:

1- Take 8 photos of your room. One looking out from each corner to the opposite corner of the room, and 1 from the center of each wall, pointing the camera towards the center of the opposite wall. 

2- Take at least 2 photos of your ceiling that show any unique features, lighting or bulkheads.


 5. At what point in the design process will I submit payment?

Once you select your design package, you can submit your payment through our website. You will then receive a welcome email guiding you through the next steps which include scheduling your virtual design consultation, completing our design questionnaire, uploading room photos and dimensions of your space, as well as a few inspiration images in preparation for the Zoom call.


6. What if I don't like some of the furniture in my plan? Can I ask my designer to pick something else for me?

We want you to love your room design and we'll be happy to accommodate revisions as part of your design package. Any complete re-designs or requests for additional services may be be subject to design fees at $125/hr.


7. Can you incorporate furniture I already own into the design?

Yes! Please share with us if you have any existing furniture, art, or family heirlooms that you would like to incorporate into the design of your room.  Please upload pictures and dimensions of these pieces into your personal client folder. The link to the folder will be sent to you after you've purchased your design package.


8. I have never redesigned my space before. What are the steps for 'implementing' my design plan? 

We will discuss and advise next steps with you during our final Zoom call, when we review your design plan. We will give you tips for how to order furniture, how to find a local kitchen cabinetry company, or bathroom showroom, and tradespeople, as well as the process for coordinating your project. If at any time during the process you have questions, you are always welcome to reach out.


9. Do you have a referral program?

Yes! For every friend you refer, you'll receive a free 30 min Zoom consult to discuss ideas for another room in your home, as well as 25% off a single room design package.