Design Package & Process

Our Custom Design Package allows you to select exactly what you need for your home. Once you choose the type and quantity of rooms to be designed you will receive an email detailing next steps:

            • Schedule your Virtual Design Consultation (link via email)
            • Complete our Design Personality & Lifestyle Questionnaire (link via email)
            • Collect inspiration images you love
            • Take pictures of your room(s)
            • Record measurements of your room(s)


          After your Initial Virtual Design Consultation with us we will start designing your rooms! For each room in your order, we will email and present your design package via Zoom within 2-3 weeks. Each room design will include:

            • Concept Board
            • Floor Plan with furniture layout drawn to scale
            • Furniture Selections
            • Furniture & Accessory Sources and Pricing
            • Material & Finish Palette



          Below is an example of a Living Room from a previous project. The client requested a Parisian inspired space that combines contemporary elements with a relaxed elegance and unique details for his urban high-rise condo.  


          From your design personality questionnaire answers and inspiration images combined with our conversations during the Design Consultation we will create a Concept Board for each of your rooms.  It tells the visual story of the design direction for the space and captures the style, mood, and color palette.

          FLOOR PLAN

          Using the photos and measurements you provide us (details of how to measure here) we will draw your room to scale and create a furniture layout. This not only illustrates the ideal furniture placement and circulation pattern specific to your needs, but avoids the common problem of wasted time and money from ordering pieces that are too large or small for the space. 

          Online Digital Interior Design Process Floor Plan Furniture Plan 


          The floor plan will allow us to determine the ideal dimensions for all the elements in the space. From there we will select exact pieces, including wood finishes and fabrics, from vendors who are easily accessible online or local to you. To reflect your distinct personality in each of your rooms, unique and handcrafted items will often be included.

          Online Digital Interior Design Process Furniture Sourcing Selections


          Based on your specific budget, we will provide sources, links, and pricing for each item we select.  This gives you the flexibility to execute the design on your own timeline. 

          Online Digital Interior Design Process Furniture Selections Sourcing Pricing Budget


          To fully express your personality and allow your home to come alive, we will select a variety of decorative accessories. Coordinated with any pieces you already own we offer placement and styling direction. These small details make a huge difference and enhance your space by adding another layer of visual interest through texture, shape, and color.

          Online Digital Interior Design Process Decorative Objects Accessories Styling


          When choosing fabrics, wood and metal finishes, paint colors, and wallcoverings we look at everything holistically with the architectural elements in your room.  We also take into consideration your lifestyle and who uses the space to create a palette that merges beauty and function.

           Online Digital Interior Design Process Material Color Finish Palette


          Rendered 2-D drawings are included in the kitchen and bathroom design packages. This will give you a sense of functionality, cupboard and counter space, and material composition.

          Digital Online Interior Design Rendered Elevations Kitchen Design Marble Brass Light Oak


          We are happy to accommodate requests for additional services such as 3-D Renderings.  Add-On Services may be subject to design fees of $125/hr.



          Visit our FAQ page or email us at if you have any additional questions!